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Mission First Consulting is an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), HUBZone-based Defense Contractor whose professionals provide solutions which support the full lifecycle of preparing for, protecting against, detecting, reacting to and actively responding to the full range of threats facing US interests here and abroad.

Mission First Consulting Business Areas:

Cyber Security and IT Support

Mission 1st’s skilled team of cleared cybersecurity and IT professionals effectively respond to cyber incidents; provide technical assistance for critical infrastructure and disseminate timely and actionable notifications regarding current and potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Intelligence Support

Mission 1st provides our customers with highly qualified special operations & intelligence professionals who perform a wide range of expert security and intelligence support services in both CONUS and OCONUS environments.

Language Services

Mission 1st Linguists realize that our National Security depends on the ability to extract critical information from documents & media composed in foreign languages. We assist our customers in filtering, translating and analyzing this information in a timely manner.

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Bill Golden’s Defense News Reading List – 2014.08.14

Golden - William David

Bill Golden

These information items are among some of the postings that Bill Golden orignally shared on his Twitter feed:


#WOMEN / #WAR / #PESHMERGA / #ISIS @ICDefenseJobs … Military participation of women is not new in the history of Kurds. Kurdish female peshmerga fighters have been active on the front lines and during battles against ISIS / #ISIL. The peshmerga female regiment consists of four battalions.


#Cyberspace Solutions LCC – #SOF Special Operations #ISR #USSOCOM Leader @ICDefenseJobs  | USADefenseIndustryJobs.com … Cyberspace Solutions LLC continues to have a wide range of opportunities in the USSOCOM Special Operations community with jobs located in North Carolina, Virginia and outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS). Get your resume considered by sending it to SOFIntelJobs@ICConx.com — these jobs are for All Source Analysts, All Source Targeting Specialists, Multilayer Targeting Experts, and Program Security Management professionals. All jobs require a Top Secret / SCI security clearance, good health (OCONUS travel involved) and a current U.S. passport.


#DOD $$ #Budget #Navy Transformation Plan: FY 2014-2016  @ICDefenseJobs … What does the Navy want to buy? First, understand where the Navy is going and what it says it wants to do. RED FLAG/Need to Know: Just as Boeing recently announced that it plans to trim $6 billion in supply channel spending ($4 billion in defense channels), the Navy says that it wants to “Maximize IT Functionality”. The Navy radically changed some of its spending habits in 2010 (FY2011), and it looks like it wants to do it again. The Navy’s focus: “Today’s fiscal environment and rapid pace of technological innovation demand that the DON rethink its approach to Information Management (IM), Information Technology (IT)/cyberspace and Information Resource Management (IRM) policies, processes and programs.” Nice words, good words for taxpayers, but these words mean: ‘Get more for less’.


#JOBS / #SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT / Hottest Industries and Cities With IT Jobs @USAJobZoo … the most IT job openings are the San Francisco area (41,000), Philadelphia (31,000), New York (29,000), Chicago (28,000) and Atlanta (19,000). … FIND YOUR NEXT CAREER on USAJobZoo.com


SPIES IN THE SKIES / TECH / #DigitalGlobe Commercial WorldView-3 #Satellite to Capture Super High-Res Images @ICDefenseJobs … satellite imagery has long been limited to 50cm resolution, but the Commerce Department now allows satellite firms to take and sell 25cm-resolution images.


SPY vs #SPY / Cable snips and fake #Mexican burglaries: how the #WWI information battle was won #SIGINT  @ICDefenseJobs … But it was during World War I that great leaps were made in the technology needed to intercept enemy communications. Intelligence gathering tactics developed in the Great War came to redefine how military operations played out and can even teach us about how we communicate today.


#HELP / #PTSD / #LIFE / Moving Forward, http://startmovingforward.t2.health.mil, an online lifeskills coach. @ICDefenseJobs … Moving Forward provides self-help online training that teaches problem-solving skills to help individuals overcome life’s challenges. It’s based on a highly-effective cognitive behavioral treatment program used successfully with veterans across the country for the past several years. Although many veteran centers continue to offer the program in-person, we hope this online version expands the reach of this resource to individuals who may not have easy access to VA centers and our active-duty service members.


ACTION / JOBS / Aug 9th Career Invitational / Springfield, Virginia / USSOCOM ISS-J Contract

USSOCOM Intelligence Support Services – Joint (ISS-J) Contract

The world is a dangerous place. Almost every AOR has some form of conflict going on.

USSOCOM recently awarded a new five year contract in May 2014 to provide it with 24/7 warfighter support.

Below is some basic profile information for who we want to hire. If you see yourself in that profile then we want to talk.

We can offer immediate employment and the chance to serve your country in a very unique mission.

More than 100 positions are available.

What: A Career Invitational

Purpose: Hire mid-level, senior and expert professionals for the USSOCOM Intelligence Support Services – Joint (ISS-J) Contract

Where: Springfield, Virginia

Time12-4pm, Saturday, August 9th

Location: See HOW IT WORKS


Review the core skillset criteria that we are seeking below. If your experience and interest matches these jobs then send your resume to: Springfield@ICConx.com. We will QUICKLY review your resume and invite you to meet with us on Saturday, August 9th. We will provide a location and street address within the invitation.

Program Managers will be available for you to meet with.  This is not a screening for an upcoming contract. A confederation of America’s best SOF intelligence direct-support companies have teamed together to make the USSOCOM 24/7 Intelligence Support Services – Joint (ISS-J) Contract the best worldwide ‘Tip of the Spear’ team of all time.

++ Your security clearance: We will have an onsite security officer that can verify your security clearance status.

++ Letters of Offer: Highly qualified candidates can expect to receive an offer letter within 48 hours after meeting with a Program Manager, getting their clearance verified, and coming to agreement on employment.


++ Essentials: You MUST have a current Top Secret/SCI security clearance with a five year update done since August 2010. You MUST have a current U.S. passport. You MUST be in good health and able to deploy to anywhere in the world! When your warfighter deploys so do you; 90-120 days per year.

++ Skill Levels:

—- MID-LEVEL: 6+ years of hands-on G2/J2/JTF/SOTF intelligence operations experience for mid-level positions.
—- SENIOR-LEVEL: 8+ years  of hands-on G2/J2/JTF/SOTF intelligence operations experience for senior positions. Knowledge of SOF and Special Technical Operations are a major plus.
—- EXPERT-LEVEL: MUST HAVE 5+ years of SOF and Special Technical Operations experience in addition to 10+ years  of hands-on G2/J2/JTF/SOTF intelligence operations experience for expert positions.

++ Core Skillsets: Seeking intelligence professionals that truly understand how ‘All Sources’ are used to target an individual, group or a distributed network of loosely connected threats. You MUST be able to discuss your strengths across at least three or more INTs: HUMINT, SIGINT, GEOINT/Geospatial, COMINT, IMINT, MASINT, Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism. You MUST be able to function as a multi-level targeteer (MLT).

++ OCONUS positions: See the Core Skillsets above. Now add in an extremely strong expertise of Counterintelligence and HUMINT. You will be OCONUS 365. You will be the ‘Tip of the Spear’ in going after the bad guys. You will work face-to-face with your warfighter as you conduct operations to support their mission. Their life will depend upon YOU.


Cyberspace Solutions, LLC


Bill Golden, CEO of IntelligenceCareers.com, will be with us all day. Invited candidates that may not be good fits for our positions are welcome to meet with Bill. He will review your resume, make recommendations, and help identify other opportunities for your skillsets.

JOBS / Farfield Systems seeks Acquisition/Program Management Support, Cyber Security Solutions, Information Technology Solutions, Intelligence Support and Technical Training Professionals

Farfield Systems

Farfield Systems, Inc. (Farfield) specializes in providing Acquisition/Program Management Support, Cyber Security Solutions, Information Technology Solutions, Intelligence Support and Technical Training.

Farfield Systems recruiters use IntelligenceCareers.com to find SME professionals. Add your resume to the database used by Farfield Systems recruiters by sending your resume to Resumes

The name Farfield Systems comes from the services the company provided when it was founded. At the time, we specialized in providing RADAR collection support using a system called the Far-field Monitor. The company’s focus was providing support centered around the use of the Far-Field Monitor. The name stuck and off we go.

Our team is composed of a diverse group of individuals with unique qualifications in the intelligence community. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional analytical, problem solving and organizational skills. Additionally, our personnel are known as creative troubleshooters with outstanding abilities to identify operational deficiencies and implement system improvements. We possess dynamic technical documentation, business communications and presentation skills with strong emphasis on quality customer service.

Farfield Systems, Inc. has the technical and operational experience to be a valuable member of any industry or government team. Through keen insight into the Intelligence Community, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we continually endeavor to be a valuable asset to U.S. national security.

Farfield Systems recruiters use IntelligenceCareers.com to find SME professionals. Add your resume to the database used by Farfield Systems recruiters by sending your resume to Resumes

IMMEDIATE NEED: All Source Intelligence Analysts/Target Analysts, Wash DC and Ft Bragg NC

Cyberspace Solutions has immediate hire positions available for qualified candidates for one of the specialities listed below.

More than 80 positions are available at Ft. Bragg for junior and senior All-Source Target Analysts.

++ Senior All Source/Targeters, Ft. Bragg, NC // 8 years of analytic experience with 1-2 years of downrange combat zone experience since 2010.

++ Junior All Source Intelligence Analysts/Targeteers, Ft. Bragg, NC // 4 years of analytic experience with 1-2 years of downrange combat zone experience since 2010.

++ Information Operations Specialist, Ft. Bragg, NC // Conduct Military Information Support Operations, Special Technical Operations.

++ Security Professionals – PP&SI in Ft. Bragg, NC // 8 years of experience. Responsible for all aspects of security: people, systems, campus.

++ GeoSpatial/GEOINT EXPERT Analysts in metro Washington DC (WMA) // 10 years of national agency or warfighter major command G2/J2 analytic experience.

++ Multi-Layer Targeting (MLT) EXPERT Analysts, WMA // 10 years of national agency or warfighter major command G2/J2 analytic experience needed. All-Source/Multisource fused intelligence knowledge must be apparent in your resume (CI, COMINT, HUMINT, IMINT, MASINT, SIGINT). The MLT Analyst will have advanced targeting skills and a comprehensive understanding of the operational cycle as well as the data, tools, and techniques used for each phase of targeting.

Get Personal Attention/Send your resume to: Jim Carney, iss-jrecruiter,Intelligence Recruiter, will be your direct point of contact at CyberSpace Solutions, LLC.



++ All positions require a Top Secret SCI clearance.

++ All positions WILL deploy OCONUS 90-120 days per year in direct support of your warfighter. You need good health, a passport, and a willingness to work and to live in the same conditions as your warfighter. >> Your pay gets increased 35% when deployed.

++ Demonstrated knowledge and experience with supporting SOF and USSOCOM forces gives your resume an advantage. Be sure to highlight your experience.

Get Personal Attention/Send your resume to: Jim Carney, iss-jrecruiter,Intelligence Recruiter, will be your direct point of contact at CyberSpace Solutions, LLC.


Do we have your most recent resume? Send your resume to Resumes … and check out our 8,000+ jobs.

VERY HOT JOBS / All Source Intelligence Analysts/Military Specialists – Junior / Fort Bragg, NC

>> MULTIPLE POSITIONS are available

>> You can start as early as July 25th!

Job ID:330068

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

Security Clearance: U.S. Top Secret SCI/SSBI

Job Description:

All Source Intelligence Analysts/Military Specialists – Junior

The official job description is listed below the checklist. There is a lot to read. Use this checklist to quickly see if you should apply for this position:

Basic position requirements:

___ Current Top Secret clearance and SCI eligible.

___ One to two (1-2) years of All-Source Analyst experience since 2010 in Afghanistan, Iraq or other hostile fire zone supporting Warfighter operations.

___ Junior positions: You need at least two (2) years of All Source Analyst experience since 2010 supporting SOF / USSOCOM tactical missions, or three to four years (3-4) of support to Warfighter operations with at least one (1) of downrange support.

___ Willing to travel OCONUS 90-120 days annually. (35 percent pay boost for OCONUS deployments). Deployments are not optional.

___ Bachelor’s degree preferred.

___ Possess a valid U.S. passport.

>> If interested, send your resume to Bill Golden, SOFIntelJobs@ICCONX.com


Cyberspace Solutions seeks exceptionally qualified individuals to serve as intelligence analysts to support a USSOCOM contract. The contract will require intelligence analysts capable of fusing intelligence information from multiple disciplines, to include Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT), Counter Intelligence (CI), All-Source Analysts, Targeting Analysts, Collection Management, as well as Industrial Security Professionals. The Intelligence analysts will have advanced targeting skills and a thorough understanding of the operational cycle as well as the data, tools, and techniques used for each phase of targeting. Intelligence analysts shall have firsthand experience targeting networks or individuals within networks and identifying vulnerabilities for exploitation. Analysts interested in this opportunity must have experience in several of the aforementioned disciplines.
Employees on this contract will be responsible for providing intelligence analysis and all aspects of information gathering, research, threat assessments, Client development and predictive analysis as part of a Special Operations Forces (SOF) analytical team. Employees must maintain global readiness and be available to deploy on a no-notice basis to hazardous duty/combat zones. Deployments may be to a theater of operations with permissive, uncertain, or hostile environments while living in austere conditions for extended periods.

Job Responsibilities: The contract will require intelligence analysts capable of fusing intelligence information from multiple disciplines. Intelligence analysts interface with intelligence organizations to fully prepare teams for exploitation of personnel as well as prepare analytic support products and assessments supporting targeting efforts, source development and threat analysis. Intelligence analysts may perform daily collateral/high side analysis, provide intelligence products and perform intelligence research to support HUMINT/detainee interviews.

Job Requirements: The position of Intelligence Analyst/Military Specialist Junior-Level shall possess the following qualifications:

++ Minimum of four years analytical experience within DoD or equivalent Government agencies required, with operational level experience preferred with support to SOF operations.

++ Experience in CT, Regional issues and HUMINT/SIGINT or political/military analysis desired.

++ Must be proficient in utilizing intelligence related automation to support analytical efforts and product development.

++ Must possess strong research and writing skills and be capable of effectively operating as a member of an analytical team in accomplishment of intelligence products and assessments.

++ Recent experience in Afghanistan or Iraq or other hostile fire zone supporting SOF operations.

++ Bachelor’s degree preferred.

++ Current Top Secret clearance and SCI eligible.

++ Must possess a valid U.S. passport.

++ Must be able to pass all pre-deployment requirements including a medical, dental, psychological, background, credit, and security screens as deemed necessary to be considered deployable.

++ Must be able to obtain all required immunizations deemed necessary by the contract.

Cyberspace Solutions LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V.

>> If interested, send your resume to Bill Golden, SOFIntelJobs@ICCONX.com

This position is with Cyberspace Solutions LLC, an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V.

Career Advice / Who are the best headhunters for Top Secret intelligence professionals to seek out?


What are the best ‘headhunters’ to talk to regarding positions both in DC and the New England area for a mid-high level TS/SCI cleared intel professional?


None. Nada. It really does not matter what part of the country you live in: headhunters very rarely are in search mode for intelligence professionals … except maybe at the CXX level.

Headhunters or executive search specialists are generally interested in only the most rare of professionals. That is because companies normally only turn to them once they have exhausted all less expensive methods to find you.

A headhunter or some such can cost a company 20-35 percent of your first year of income in fees. So companies generally try other methods first ~~ which, when it comes to intelligence professionals ~~ are often successful enough that headhunters rarely (as in extremely rarely) are used to find cleared intelligence professionals.

Reality is that through 2016, cleared intelligence professionals will be fairly abundant and many will be willing to work at lower rates than before the 2013-2014 years.

Your best bet is to A) network; let other professionals know that you are in the market; B) post your resume to clearance-centric jobboards like ours; and C) make Google your best friend and search for positions in locations that match your Subject Matter Expert (SME) qualifications. Example: put Google to work by searching on some term like Logistics Subject Matter Expert Job or Transnational Financial Transactions Subject Matter Expert. Do that and you will find that the intelligence jobs are out there ~~ even if they do not call them intelligence specialist positions.

Here are some quicklinks to some currently available Intelligence professional jobs.

Best regards,
Bill Golden



LinkedIn: http://Linkedin.com/in/BillGolden
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ICDefenseJobs
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IntelligenceCareers

: Am constantly working with a wide range of employers. Am willing to share your resume if you send it to me at Resumes@IntelligenceCareers.com

Career Advice / New MA Graduate / No Security Clearance / What is a Think Tank?


I recently came across your site while trying to get my foot in the door to the intelligence community. I am a MA graduate in War Studies from a major university and have several years of work experience in unrelated fields.

Unfortunately, I do not have a security clearance. This has been a major stumbling block for me though my job search. Do you have any advice on how best to get myself in this field with this in mind?


The security clearance will remain a huge hurdle for you so my recommendation is that you should go in a different but parallel direction.

You need to become a consultant with organizations that think about doctrine, scenarios and policy.

One such organization is the Institute for Defense Analyses, www.IDA.org, a not-for-profit corporation that operates three Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) in the public interest: the Systems and Analyses Center, the Science and Technology Policy Institute, and the Center for Communications and Computing. IDA exists to promote national security, preserve the public welfare, and advance scientific learning by analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on matters of interest to the United States Government.

Rarely is a security clearance needed.

The IDA falls within the category of ‘Defense Policy Think Tank’. Here is more information on this category of employers and career opportunities: http://tinyurl.com/odv55qa

Often you can get hired on with one of these organizations: starting at the bottom, or not too far therefrom, as an information research analyst supporting a team of analysts. Where you go from there depends upon your innovativeness in proposing solutions to tough problems and then presenting the data behind your recommendations.

Best regards,
Bill Golden



LinkedIn: http://Linkedin.com/in/BillGolden
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ICDefenseJobs
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IntelligenceCareers

: Am constantly working with a wide range of employers. Am willing to share your resume if you send it to me at Resumes@IntelligenceCareers.com

Terrorism Analyst, JIOC // Florida Tampa

Terrorism Analyst, JIOC // Florida Tampa

Job Application Weblink

Lockheed Martin

Job Description

The applicant shall gather and analyze information, and provide recommendations necessary for the Government to produce, disseminate, and apply intelligence products in the following subject areas:

Preparing Terrorism Threat Warning, Threat Assessment, and Threat Advisory Messages/Papers (written with graphics).

Preparing significant intelligence reports/intelligence highlight cable items (summarized intelligence, written).

Preparing responses to requests for information/production requests/formal and informal taskers for intelligence/information (all types, written to include graphics as required).

Performing evaluations of Information and Information conversion to Record Message Traffic (written).

Input information contained in Record Message Traffic into the Combined Theater — Analyst Vetted, Relational Structured (CT-AVRS) Terrorism Database (written) and follow-on applications (IC Palantir) in accordance with directives/procedures established by DoD CT-AVRS Program Manager.

Providing link and nodal analysis products (timelines, charts, individual dossiers; written and graphics).

Performing Named Area of Interest (NAI) Studies, Pattern of Life Studies, Detailed Link, Nodal and Network studies and analysis for Terrorist and other Violent/Illegal Entities, Violent Extremist Use of Cyber/Media venues; Predictive and Historical analysis to support operations and planning (written with graphics/slides).

Performing 24/7 Terrorism Watch functions in support of the Command Joint Operations Center.

Establishing and manning USD(I) mandated Personnel Recovery Analysis element to perform analysis and maintain case files on missing, kidnapped, hostage and other personnel as mandated by USD(I) and SECDEF directives.

Applicants must be willing and able to deploy to the CENTCOM AOR if called upon to do so, including receive all appropriate vaccines required for the AOR. Place of performance is Tampa Florida, or other CONUS and OCONUS locations within the USCENTCOM AOR.

Basic Qualifications

Bachelor or master degree with 8+ years of intelligence analysis experience, or

Specialized training & 10+ years intelligence analysis experience.

Credentialed subject matter expert or recognized specialist in relevant field

Desired skills

Experience conducting terrorism analysis for USCENTCOM area of operations.

Job Application Weblink

Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

TASC – 600+ Defense, Intelligence and Technology Jobs – Employer of the Week

TASC – 600+ Defense, Intelligence and Technology Jobs – Employer of the Week

For nearly 50 years, TASC has worked on the front lines with its customers on missions that strengthen security and safety and protect the basic values of our society.

TASC needs engineers, scientists, technologists and analysts to help solve many of the most pressing national security and public safety challenges facing our nation and the world. What makes TASC unique is its rare combination of nearly 5,000 professionals with SME skills, exceptional technical expertise, advanced degrees and certifications, high-level clearances and specialized domain experience.

TASC has more than 600 positions currently available.

View TASC position openings

Some of TASC’s current professional requirements:


++ System Engineer / Project Manager, McLean VA
++ C & A Specialist / Cyber Acquisition and Lifecycle Specialist, San Antonio TX
++ Digital Network Analyst, Fort Meade MD
++ Junior Acquisition Analyst, Annapolis Junction, MD
++ Manufacturing Engineer, El Segundo CA
++ Communications (Radios/Networks) Systems Engineer, Brooklyn NY
++ Program Office Support Portfolio Manager, St Louis MO
++ Software Engineer, Clarksburg WV
++ Activity-Based Intelligence Systems Engineer, Ft Belvoir VA
++ Research Technology Protection Analyst, College Park MD

View TASC position openings