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Centra Technology Inc

Since 1997, CENTRA has helped clients in the US national security community confront geopolitical and technological revolutions.

CENTRA’s experts provides products and services to government clients who are facing unprecedented challenges from mutating insurgencies to rapidly evolving cyberspace and from “big data” to the proliferation of disruptive and emerging technologies.

MAJOR Government Services

++ Cyber / IT
++ Engineering
++ Executive Support & Advisory Services
++ Intelligence
++ Military Support
++ Risk Management Solutions

CENTRA has an extensive and growing business in risk assessment and analytic gaming. Its staff consults with government and private clients to develop strategies to deal with natural disasters, terrorism, economic espionage, organized crime, offensive cyber operations, and the insider threat.

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Career Advice / New MA Graduate / No Security Clearance / What is a Think Tank?


I recently came across your site while trying to get my foot in the door to the intelligence community. I am a MA graduate in War Studies from a major university and have several years of work experience in unrelated fields.

Unfortunately, I do not have a security clearance. This has been a major stumbling block for me though my job search. Do you have any advice on how best to get myself in this field with this in mind?


The security clearance will remain a huge hurdle for you so my recommendation is that you should go in a different but parallel direction.

You need to become a consultant with organizations that think about doctrine, scenarios and policy.

One such organization is the Institute for Defense Analyses,, a not-for-profit corporation that operates three Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) in the public interest: the Systems and Analyses Center, the Science and Technology Policy Institute, and the Center for Communications and Computing. IDA exists to promote national security, preserve the public welfare, and advance scientific learning by analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on matters of interest to the United States Government.

Rarely is a security clearance needed.

The IDA falls within the category of ‘Defense Policy Think Tank’. Here is more information on this category of employers and career opportunities:

Often you can get hired on with one of these organizations: starting at the bottom, or not too far therefrom, as an information research analyst supporting a team of analysts. Where you go from there depends upon your innovativeness in proposing solutions to tough problems and then presenting the data behind your recommendations.

Best regards,
Bill Golden


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Leidos has almost 1,500 Jobs available now in National Security, Health Care, Engineering

Leidos jobs are now on!

Leidos is now offering almost 1,500 Leidos jobs online.

Many of you already know that SAIC became two separate companies recently.

One branch continues to use the SAIC name, and the other is now ‘Leidos’.

The three business areas of Leidos are:

  • National Security
  • Health Care
  • Engineering

Leidos’ national security efforts span every branch of the military and support the full spectrum of military operations – from peace keeping and humanitarian missions to major conflicts. It also helps the U.S. Department of Defense, the FBI, and other agencies combat terrorism, cybercrime, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

You can find Leidos helping the U.S. Army enhance night vision capabilities, the Air Force train far-flung units online, or the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command enable seamless, secure multimedia connectivity.

Leidos also develops products and applied technologies for anti-terrorism and Homeland Security efforts – inspection systems to scan cargo for contraband, portable X-ray systems to inspect suspect packages, even software to assess the human consequences of technological and natural disasters.

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Technology Council of Maryland Names Agilex Government Contracting Firm of the Year

CHANTILLY, VA — Agilex, a leading provider of mission and technology solutions to the national security, homeland security, healthcare and public sectors, announced today that it was named the 2012 Government Contracting Firm of the Year by the Technology Council of Maryland (TCM). Agilex was honored for the success of its business strategy; its commitment to technology innovation and business ethics; and the significant impact the company has had on its clients’ performance. This annual award recognizes the leading government contractor in the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC region. It was presented last night as part of the 24th Annual TCM Tech Awards ceremony.

“Over the past twenty-four years, the Technology Council of Maryland has recognized many of the region’s most innovative and successful companies. We are deeply honored to join this very prestigious group,” said Agilex Vice Chairman Jay Nussbaum. “Since our founding, we have been fortunate to partner closely with a number of exceptional government leaders. Working collaboratively, we’ve had a dramatic impact on the performance of a number of important missions. This award is tremendous validation for the success of these partnerships.”

Agilex was founded in 2007 by Nussbaum and Robert E. LaRose with a goal of providing more innovative IT solutions for the government’s
most strategic challenges. Agilex’ customer-driven approach brings together deep domain knowledge, world-class technology resources and a very agile business model to rapidly deliver customer-specific solutions. Due to the success of this approach, Agilex has quickly emerged as one of the region’s fastest growing companies.

Having been named TCM’s Government Contracting Firm of the Year, Agilex is also the first government contractor to be recognized with
three of the industry’s most prominent awards. Previously, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the Professional Services Council (PSC) and Washington Technology magazine named Agilex the 2011 Greater Washington Government Contractor of the Year in the $25-75 million category. Earlier, Agilex was named the 2010 Hottest Emerging Government Contractor by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) as part of the organization’s Hot Ticket awards program.

About Agilex

Agilex is an award-winning, employee-owned provider of mission and technology solutions to the national security, healthcare and public sectors. Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, we serve a majority of the Cabinet-level federal departments, including the Departments of Defense, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Justice and Veterans Affairs; members of the Intelligence Community; and a number of independent and quasi-independent agencies, such as Amtrak and the United States Postal Service. By bringing together Agility with Expertise, our 400 professionals help clients Realize the Value of Information®.

Agilex was named the 2011 Greater Washington Government Contractor of the Year in the $25-75M category. The company was also a recipient of a 2011 National Capital Business Ethics Award, which recognizes local companies for their sustained, executive-level commitment to promoting and maintaining an ethical business culture. Agilex was previously recognized as the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) 2010 Hottest Emerging Government Contractor for the Washington, DC region. The Washington Business Journal has ranked Agilex among the area’s fastest growing companies, twelfth in 2011 and number one overall in 2010.

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SAIC seeks Military Professionals to join it

SAIC Jobs online

SAIC Military Careers

SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy & environment, health and cybersecurity. We know your transition from the military to a career in the private sector marks a new chapter in your professional journey.

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With well over 10,000 veterans currently calling SAIC home, we want you to know that SAIC has proven expertise in supporting veterans through this transition. We invite you to search for jobs by military branch below. To learn about some of our OCONUS opportunities in locations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar, click here.


Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. ~ An employer you should know

Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. (Sotera) is an mid-sized national security technology company delivering systems, solutions and services in support of the critical missions of the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and federal law enforcement agencies charged with ensuring the safety and security of our nation.

It has 1,400 employees focused on counterterrorism, cyber operations, intelligence, C4ISR and force mobility solutions to our customers throughout the national security community.


Sotera delivers services and solutions ranging from command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems and advanced engineering to counterterrorism, intelligence and expeditionary field support for customers in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Community and federal law enforcement agencies.

Technology and Intelligence Services

Counterterrorism Intelligence and Analysis

Sotera assists the Intelligence Community and other national security customers by facilitating the flow of critical information between U.S. government agencies to enhance decision making to protect the safety and economic well-being of our nation.

By providing IT specialists, software developers and counterterrorism subject matter experts to a number of agencies, Sotera contributes to the creation and analysis of actionable intelligence.

A key area of its expertise involves the monitoring of multiple classified and unclassified networks for potential terrorist-related threats and threat notification for rapid decision-making. Sotera is an industry leader in the field of terrorist watchlisting.

Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Operations

Sotera delivers cyber security systems and software engineering expertise in support of the critical intelligence, counterterrorism, and cyber security missions of our national security customers.

It is an industry leader in the design, development and deployment of next generation net-centric mission solutions that collect, analyze and protect vital information in cyberspace, leveraging core competencies in systems engineering and architecture, software engineering, content exploitation and defense analytics.

Data Analysis and Intelligence Information Sharing

Sotera deploys analytical tools and subject matter experts to facilitate faster and more thorough analysis of threats for critical intelligence-related, federal law enforcement, homeland security and counterterrorism missions, and it enables information to be shared across multiple agencies.

By integrating key data sources and exploring direct and non-obvious relationships of interest, its solutions support collaboration and information sharing and threat detection, helps ensure the mitigation of risks to our national security.

C4ISR and Mission Systems

Sotera designs and delivers C4ISR and mission-related systems to support U.S. Warfighters, wherever they operate.

It enhances command and control systems, develops C4I mission applications and mission planning solutions, as well as research, develop and evaluate electronic countermeasure techniques. Sotera designs and deploys computer-based navigation systems and geospatial information systems that integrate data from multiple sensors providing decision-makers with real-time situational awareness of the coastal waterways and port/harbor environments.

In addition to the maritime domain, these systems are used to protect critical infrastructure, secure borders, provide physical security information management and improve decision-making capabilities of national security customers.

Assured Enterprise IT

Sotera delivers mission-focused Assured Enterprise IT services and solutions to national security agencies operating in mission-critical environments and zero tolerance settings.

The expertise of Sotera IT specialists is focused on enterprise architecture and systems engineering, IT & network security, network engineering and intelligence analysis. Customer intimacy, technology leadership and development of its technical staff are essential elements in its approach and adeptness at delivering quick reaction solutions to mission-critical scenarios.

Network Design and Management

Sotera develops, deploys and operates sophisticated and secure networks for agencies across the defense, homeland security, intelligence and federal law enforcement communities.

Its network solutions support data and system integration, information security and cross-agency collaboration critical to operations in a complex and evolving cyber-security environment. Solutions include network topology design, data encryption, algorithm development, cross domain solutions development, data visualization and high assurance guard (HAG) development, which enables the transfer of classified and unclassified data to and from multiple security enclaves.

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