Hot Skills / Java, C, PHP: 15 Programming, IT Skills That Are Thriving on Wall Street

(eWeek) Wall Street is looking hard for IT expertise, as hiring managers look for programming and database skills as a top priority.

For instance, an investment bank and securities firm hiring for a fixed-income quantitative analyst is looking for candidates well-versed in matrix-oriented programming languages such as MATLAB, R, Python or GAUSS, and a working knowledge of Ruby, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SQL and database programming. Another investment bank recruiting for hedge-fund administration requires knowledge of SQL server and Visual Basic.

And a world leader in insurance and financial services requires strong development skills and especially programming skills with C++, C# or Java for an associate director in product valuation. These are the weapons that firms are wielding to manage risk and extract profit in a tighter and trickier environment, eFinancialCareers said. A recent study conducted by IBM and Broadridge Financial Solutions shows that financial services firms are being challenged to deliver innovation and efficiency by new regulation and customer demands. The firms are looking to technology for help.

This eWEEK slide show looks at some of the top language and IT skills Wall Street is looking for, according to eFinancialCareers.