Q&A ~ How do I get into information research jobs if I lack academic or military experience?

by Bill G.
CEO, IntelligenceCareers.com

Question: What if you are a pretty well read individual but lack college / military experience and want to enter into the information gathering sector what should you do?

Answer: Without college or military service it is more than just difficult to get into the intelligence side of information gathering.

My recommendation is to seek out a local community college that offers certification in information sciences, open source intelligence (OSINT) research, and technical writing.

You should also consider joining several professional organizations that are focused on areas that you have interest in, getting to know the members, and volunteering to write articles for the organization newsletter or magazine. People need to see your research, logic and writing in action.

Be sure to set up a blog along the way so you can highlight your research and writing ability. Have a page on your blog that tells readers that you are always willing to freelance topical research and to contact you for rates. I recommend using WordPress to establish your blog ~ it is free, simple to use, and comes with many options as you need them.

You should also consider freelance writing for online news organizations such as Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, and many others.

Along the way your research, logic and writing should speak for itself and you will end up where you want to be without the need for military service or seeking a full degree.

Best regards,
Bill G.

CEO, IntelligenceCareers.com

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